Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car Sabah (016-8288216)
Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car Sabah (016-8288216)
(016-8288216) Car Rental, Rent A Car, Kereta Sewa, Service at Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Cheap and Quality. Murah dan Berkualiti. Transfer Service / Chauffeur at Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Located at
W.D.T 283, 88903, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MY.
Phone: 016-8288216
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Currency: MYR
Term & Condition


Effective Jan 2013

1.Who do these terms and conditions apply to?
a.They apply to the hirer of the vehicle, to anyone who drives the vehicle to a rental. When we refer to “you” we mean the hirer, anyone named as an additional driver and anyone who provides us with a legal document. b.When we refer to “we”, “us” “our” or “Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car” we mean the company identified on the front page of the Rental Agreement.

2.What do I get from Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car?
a.You get a vehicle in the rental class you have booked (or a comparable vehicle if a vehicle in that class is unavailable) for the period of time stated on the front page of the rental agreement. That rental agreement, these terms and conditions, the Vehicle Details and Conditions Report referred to below and (where applicable) any other document given to you by Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car at vehicle pick-up together comprise the Rental Agreement.
b.You also get any equipment you have hired, for the period of time stated on the front page of the rental agreement.

3.What must I do before I drive away?
Before you leave the location from which you have rented your vehicle, you should inspect the vehicle and make sure it is in the condition shown in the Vehicle Details and Conditions Report. You should report any differences immediately to the staff at the pick-up location. You should also make sure you have any equipment you have requested.

4.What are the Estimated Rental Charges?
a.The rental charges that we know about when you collect your vehicle are set out on the front page of the Rental Agreement. The total charges that you will need to pay at the end of your rental may be different from the Estimated Rental Charges if, for example, circumstances change or if you need to pay for any damage to the vehicle or any property. Once all charges are known, the Estimated Rental Charges become the Rental Charges.
b.In addition to the daily rate, which is the rate we charge for each consecutive 24 hour period from the time you hire the vehicle, the Estimated Rental Charges may include any of the following:
i.the cost of hiring any equipment such as GPS (satellite navigation) units;
ii.prepaid fuel, if you elect to take this option;
iii.any other charge or fee which we apply from time to time.

5.What charges might I incur in addition to the Estimated Rental Charges?
a.fuel, which we will charge at a per litre rate that includes a labour and time cost, if you return the vehicle with less than a full tank (unless you have purchased prepaid fuel at the start of your rental);
b.traffic and parking fines incurred during the period of your rental;
c.the cost of repair to or replacement of the vehicle or any items supplied with it such as keys, tyre change equipment, or other property you damage, and any costs associated with repair or replacement of the vehicle, items or property, will charge to you.

6.What are my responsibilities?
a.You must use the vehicle and any items or equipment supplied with it, only for the purpose for which they are designed and ensure that any equipment (such GPS unit) is fitted correctly and safely.
b.You must take proper care of the vehicle and any items or equipment supplied with it, during the period of your rental, and return them to us in the same condition as when you collected them.
c.You must obey all relevant road rules. If you don’t, we may require you to pay the full cost of any damage.
d.You must be at least 21 years old and hold an unrestricted driver’s licence which allows you to operate the vehicle.
e.You must observe any warning indicators that may appear in the vehicle. If you are not sure what an indicator is telling you to do, you must contact the location from which you rented the vehicle as soon as possible for advice.
f.You must operate the vehicle in the manner in which it is designed to be used and ensure you use the right type of fuel.
g.You must not allow anyone other than the hirer or any other driver set out on the front page of the Rental Agreement to drive the vehicle and you must not hire the vehicle to anyone or use it for commercial gain.
h.You must not use the vehicle “off road” (e.g. on a beach, dirt track, grassed area or to cross streams, rivers or any other body of water), unless your Rental Agreement specifically authorises you to do so.
i.You must not transport the vehicle on a ferry (Labuan or etc.) or ship or other watercraft without our permission. Even if we grant you permission however, you will still have to pay for the full cost we incur as a result of an accident, damage to or loss of the vehicle or any equipment, together with the cost of any damage you cause to other property whilst the vehicle is being transported.
j.You must not allow the vehicle to be towed without our permission.

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