Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car Sabah (016-8288216)
Journey Kinabalu Rent A Car Sabah (016-8288216)
(016-8288216) Car Rental, Rent A Car, Kereta Sewa, Service at Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Cheap and Quality. Murah dan Berkualiti. Transfer Service / Chauffeur at Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
Located at
W.D.T 283, 88903, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MY.
Phone: 016-8288216
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Currency: MYR
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4WD Vehicle (4 - 6 Seaters)
Vehicle Name Perday (Rm) 3days(Rm) 5days(Rm) Other

Isuzu DMax

MT 3.0cc(Dissel) 350.00

Toyota Hilux(vigo)

AT 2.5cc(Dissel) 350.00

Toyota Fortuner

AT/MT 2.7cc(Dissel) 420.00



Luxury With **Driver Only (4 - 7 Seaters/Fuel Included)
Vehicle Name Perday 8hour (Rm) PerHour (Rm) Transfer Airport to Town Area(KK)

Proton Perdana

AT 2.7cc 450.00 (Town Area Only) 120.00 70.00

Toyota Camry

AT 3.0cc 550.00 (Town Area Only) 140.00 100.00

Toyota Alphad (7 Seaters)

AT 3.0cc 750.00 (Town Area Only) 180.00 140.00
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